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Realistic Miniature hand-crafted model trees

Trees are found almost everywhere, adding beauty to various sceneries. They are known to add color to an area, add a softer background and attract people to linger around areas where trees are present. They also provide us with defense against climate change and pollution. Trees represent life and when they are captured in miniature tree models, they indeed add glamour and taste to any design layout. This is the same with Grand Central Gems’ model scale trees. We make model trees that bring life to your designs or presentations. Draw more attention to your model railroad scenery by adding our scale model trees. Give that project a more realistic feel to get the positive response from your audience. Surely you will add more life to your whole design project.

If you are a hobbyist and love to complete your railroad design layout but don’t know where to find just the right kind of accessories to make this a reality, then come to Grand Central Gems and we will be ready to provide your every need. We have a wide variety of accessories that are handcrafted and designed to enhance your railroad models to perfection! The choices are endless and we are just as excited to show them to you. For sure you will be amazed with the exquisiteness of our creations. You shouldn’t miss taking a look at our model trees since they are the thing to complement your very own train layout.

*Click on picture to enlarge image

295-T1 20 4"-5" PINES $20.00
295-T2 10 6"-7" PINES $15.00
295-T3 50 2"-3" PINES $38.00
295-T4 4 4"-5" PINES $5.00
295-T5 3 6"-7" PINES $5.00
295-T6 6 2"-3" PINES $5.00
295-T7 3 10"-11" PINES $15.00
295-T8 7 8"-9" PINES $20.00

*Click on picture to enlarge image

295-T9 20 4"-5" SPRUCE $20.00
295-T10 25 2"-3" SPRUCE $20.00
295-T11 10 6"-9" SPRUCE $20.00
295-T12 3 10"-11" SPRUCE $15.00

*Click on picture to enlarge image

295-T13 16 3"-9" SNOW PINE/SPRUCE $30.00

*Click on picture to enlarge image

295-T14 15 2"-3" Summer Aspens   $30.00
295-T15 10 4"-5" Summer Aspens   $35.00

*Click on picture to enlarge image

295-T16 15 2"-3" Fall Aspens $30.00
295-T17 10 4"-5" Fall Aspens $35.00

*Click on picture to enlarge image

295-T18 10 2"-3" Oak Trees $20.00
295-T19 6 4"-5" Oak Trees $20.00

*Click on picture to enlarge image

295-T20 10 2"-3" Fall Oak Trees $20.00
295-T21 6 4"-5" Fall Oak Trees $20.00

*Click on picture to enlarge image

295-T22 3 2"-3" Orange $15.00
295-T23 3 2"-3" Apple $15.00
295-T24 3 2"-3" Grapefruit $15.00

*Click on picture to enlarge image

295-T25 2 4"-5" Medium Palms $20.00
295-T26 3 2"-3" Small Palms $20.00

*Click on picture to enlarge image

295-T27 15 2"-4" Small Junipers $20.00

*Click on picture to enlarge image

295-T28 3 Small Hardwood 2"-3" $15.00
295-T29 2 Medium Hardwood 4"-5" $15.00
295-T30 3 Large Hardwood 5"-6" $25.00
295-T31 2 XL Hardwood 8"-12" $25.00

*Click on picture to enlarge image

295-T32 3 Small Fall Hardwoods 2"-3" $15.00
295-T33 2 Medium Fall Hardwoods 4"-5" $15.00
295-T34 3 Large Fall Hardwoods 5"-6" $25.00
295-T35 2 XL Fall Hardwoods 8"-12" $25.00

*Click on picture to enlarge image

295-T36 8 Small Lodgepoles 2"-5" $30.00
295-T37 5 Medium Lodgepoles 6"-8" $30.00
295-T38 2 Large Lodgepoles 10"-11" $30.00
295-T39 1 XL Lodgepole 16"-18" $30.00

Jacaranda, Blossom, Japanese maple - New
*Click on picture to enlarge image

295-T40 10 Small Blossom/Jacaranda 3"-4" $20.00
295-T41 6 Small Blossom/Jacaranda 5"-6" $20.00

Redwoods - New
*Click on picture to enlarge image

295-T42 5 Small Redwoods 6" - 9" $30.00
295-T43 2 Medium Redwoods 10" - 11" $30.00
295-T44 2 Large Redwoods 14" - 18" $30.00
295-T45 2 XL Redwood 22" - 24" $50.00

Cactus - New
295-T46 10 2" - 4" CACTUS $15.00

Maple Trees - New
*Click on picture to enlarge image

295-T47 3 3" - 4" Small Maple $20.00
295-T48 2 5" - 6" Medium Maple $20.00

Fall Maple Trees - New
*Click on picture to enlarge image

295-T49 3 3" - 4" Small Fall Maple Trees $20.00
295-T50 2 5" - 6" Medium Fall Maple Trees $20.00

295-T51 3 3" - 4" Small Birch $20.00
295-T52 2 5" - 6" Medium Birch $20.00

295-T53 3 3" - 4" Small Fall Birch $20.00

Like real trees, our model trees have different varieties. It is important to have the right kind of miniature tree to match the scenery and the season depicted in the project. Our products are not only available in various shades of green; we also manufacture scale trees appropriate for any season, giving you a wider range to choose from. These model trees can help add value to a scale model made by an engineer or architect for evaluation and presentation. Adding the miniature trees will help represent the surroundings and the area in general. This leaves a good impression for proposal made by the engineer or architect.

On the other hand, a hobbyist who loves to make scale models is sure to make use of the miniature tree for his or her creation. People usually recreate beautiful sceneries with lush vegetation through their scale models. Use our miniature trees to complete that tourist spot you’ve been to or the natural landscape you dreamt of. You can even make a miniature look-alike of a certain area that you really love, surrounded by trees in all directions. With our exquisite tree models, you can design anything you want. What’s more, you can choose among a wide selection of model trees that you think will add the perfect touch to your design! There is no limit to what you can do especially when you have Grand Central Gems at your side to help you with what you need.

Nothing compares to how we make our model trees. We base them on how actual trees look like, down to the tiniest detail. This makes our model trees much more alive, and once you have them set on your own layout, they will provide an augmentation of the over-all structure. Anyone who takes a look at your railroad model will be awed with how real the trees look. Just take a pick among our various models of trees and be ready to be amazed yourself at how they will totally make your design much more alive. You will surely find the right kind of tree model at Grand Central Gems.

A miniature tree gives that sense of realism and completeness in a design. Songs and praises for your work are not hard to get with Grand Central Systems, the primary model scale scenery products manufacturer in Salt Lake, Utah. Fill out the order form now and paint your scale model that needed color through our miniature model trees and expect people to watch your work with awe. There is no limit to what Grand Central Gems can create in order to bring to life the culture of railroad trains as they happened. With our creative detailing of each piece of model tree and other miniature train scenery, we are surely able to create a wonderful way of keeping the treasured history of the railroads forever.

Grand Central Gems is a specialist in design layouts which makes us even more precise when crafting our tree models. We want to leave a lasting impression regarding our creations which is why we make our products look like the real thing. Our staff knows exactly how to achieve this, and with ingenuity and skill, we are able to come up with tree models that are miniature replicas of the real ones. Pine tree models that stand stately will complete your design setup while your train model runs the tracks across the states. You can make your own design a personal form of enjoyment.

Capture the scenic environments and make them timeless by creating a model design layout of your preference. Go back in time to the days when trains ran the tracks across the mountains. With our beautifully made tree models, you are sure to catch exactly how a train may have looked like while cutting across the vast areas of the country.Whether in summer time or in the cold of winter, our model trees and accessories will provide the perfect touch to complete your layout.

Our creations area also perfect as gift items to friends and other people who have the love for trains and railroads. With our exquisite crafting of model trees, tracks, sceneries and other model train supplies, these gifts will be treasured as gems forever. Come to Grand Central Gems and choose among our complete set of train models for that wonderful gift set you want to give away.

• Pine Trees
• Spruce Trees
• Pine & Spruce w/ Snow
• Aspen
• Oak
• Fruit Trees
• Palm Trees
• Juniper Pine
• Hard woods
• Fall Woods
• Lodgepols
• Jacaranda,
• Precision silk Screened logos & banding.
*Scribed HO scale 2 x 4
*Each package will fill a 50ft HO flat car or bulkhead and 3/4 of HO centerbeams.
• HO single track wooden truss parts
• N single track wooden truss parts
• O single track wooden truss parts
• HO double track/curve wooden truss parts
• N double track/curve wooden truss parts
• O double track/curve wooden truss parts
• 4 HO locomotive storage box, fits any type of HO Scale engine between the size of a GE –9 40CW to the smallest of switchers. Simply cut the foam cell insert to the correct difference in car body length.
• Mountain Grass Mats
• Latex Rock Molds
• Assorted Logo HO Lumber Loads
• HO Locomotive Storage Boxes
• For the enthusiasts who know: We have the realistic model trees and wooden bridges to bring your layout of any scale to life!!
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