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Grand Central Scenery
the Leading manufacturer company of premium hand-crafted miniature model scenery, since 1997.

Whether you are starting, expanding, fixing, replacing or completing the scenery of your dream project. We can help! Because we understand the hard work and tedious process that comes when trying to complete what it seems sometimes, like a never ending project. We want modelers and hobbyists of all ages to experience the challenges of this amazing hobby with joy and not the stress that comes with learning the art of modeling.

We are the only manufacture company in the world of this unique product line of handcrafted premium (Ready-Made) realistic, model scenery products, created to help you bring life to your project instantly! Your frustration is our motivation to continue working hard so you don’t have to.

We take pride in helping transform even the most depressing and tedious projects into beautiful realistic award winning landscapes.

We continually add and improve the products in our collection to provide our customers with the best quality and selection available.

As a token of gratitude we offer from time to time huge discounts to our new and repeated loyal customers. We appreciate your trust in choosing us to help you achieve your vision into reality. Our pride is your satisfaction.

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Our model railway accessories and equipment are meticulously handmade by our dedicated team of artisans who ensure only top-quality output. We aim to bring your model train layout design to life. And nothing says realism than attention to detail.




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The Leader in Realistic Model Scenery


Model railway building is more than just a hobby. It is a culture of its own. And enthusiasts across San Diego, Salt Lake City, and across the country understand the intricacies that come with building one that captures the vision of the designer. Here at Grand Central Scenery, we aim to capture what our customers envisions by providing the best model railway accessories to date. Whether it’s trees, wooden structures, and even rock molds, we make sure that every detail is met with the utmost precision.

We believe that every great model train design requires careful attention to detail to bring out the best in what the layout wants to entail. It’s no longer just about merely aiming to look decent. With Grand Central Scenery’s model railway accessories, we’re aiming for perfection.

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Your investment with us means as much as the satisfaction you get from achieving your desired model train goals. We’re offering a wide array of model train accessories to elevate your model train layout. From landscape accessories to engine boxes, we guarantee to have all you need and more. Our prices are made with the clients in mind. That’s why our prices have been reinvented to be as competitive as possible.

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Scale Model Trees

No Model railway is ever complete without the right accessories to match. And nothing says scenery more than scale model trees. Choose from a wide variety of model trees, including the most sought-after variety — Pine and Spruce. We have different sizes ranging from as small as 3 inches to 11 inches depending on your model train scenery needs. See them below.


  • T1 10 med. Pines 4″-5” $25.00
  • T2 5 large Pines 6″-7” $25.00
  • T3 15 small Pines 2″-3” $25.00
  • T4 3 med. Pines 4″-5” $8.00
  • T5 2 large Pines 6″-7” $10.00
  • T6 6 small Pines 2″-3” $10.00
  • T7 3 XL Pines 10″-11” $25.00
  • T8 4 large Pines 8″-9” $25.00


  • T9 8 med. Spruce 4”-5” $20.00
  • T10 15 small Spruce 2”-3” $25.00
  • T11 5 large  Spruce 6”-7” $25.00
  • T12 3 X-Lg Spruce 10″-11” $25.00


A Portion Of All Proceeds Benefit National Forest Service

As a way of saying thank you to those who have given their time and effort to keep our forests and communities safe, Grand Central Scenery is giving a portion of our proceeds to the National Forest Service. It’s a relatively small step, but it definitely speaks volumes, especially for those who will benefit such initiative.

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